Sunday, September 3, 2017

Food sources of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient involved in regulating serum calcium. Since milk, human as well as cow’s, is not a good source of vitamin D, a small supplement is required for both breast-fed and bottle-fed infants.

Fish liver oil preparations are normally used as supplements for the supply of vitamins A and D.

Food sources of vitamin D come in natural and fortified forms. Fortified forms are included in milk, cereals, and some margarines.
The chief food sources of vitamin D in western diet are fortified milk and cereals, and fatty fish. Natural sources include fish oils, salmon, sardines, herring, egg yolks and liver. Two basic substances with vitamin D activity, D2 and D3, occur only in yeast and fish liver oils.

Mushroom also contain a small amount of vitamin D. This include mushroom shiitake and maitake mushroom – when they are dried outdoors such as under the summer sun for six and eight hours.
Food sources of vitamin D
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