Thursday, August 4, 2016

Food quality management

In the ‘good old days’ much of industry operated on the basis that production was be-all and end-all of the manufacturing function and the objective was to produce their required volume of product at the lowest possible cost.

Everybody is a food customer, and each one considers him or herself an expert. This belief is shared by the management of many food companies and it is up to the quality manager to put food quality control on an objective, measurable basis.
The term “quality management” describes a dynamic management perspective with an offensive and strategic vision. In the food industry, a quality program is an activity or set of activities performed to ensure that the food quality and food safety requirements of a food are fulfilled.

Food quality management aims to realize food quality that complies with or even exceeds customer or consumer requirements.

Food quality management requires fundamental knowledge of the dynamic behaviors of physical properties that contribute to quality attributes like color safety, and taste along with insight into how food handler behavior interfered with food production systems by executing quality control activities, applying system, designing new products and other activities.
Food quality management
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