Friday, August 19, 2016

What food scientists do?

Food science is a growing, changing, exciting area of study. Food scientists work in factories, labs and fields. They use the law of science and engineering to produce, process, evaluate, package and distribute foods.

The kind of works they do depends on the firm they work for and the products they work on. Food scientists may concentrate on basic research, product development, quality control processing, packaging, labeling, technical sales, or market research.

They may work in production or technical management. They check on food standards, laws and safety. They look into sanitation, water supply and waste management. Food scientists apply nanotechnology to new foods, packaging and nutrition products such as multivitamins.

Food scientists are involved in establishing international food standards to promote and facilitate world trade and at the same time to assure the wholesomeness and value of foods purchased between nations.

Standards generally cover ingredient composition, microbiological purity and subjective quality factors that often are not agreed upon universally.
What food scientists do?
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