Monday, June 6, 2016

Quality Management System

In technical usage, the word quality is widely accepted to have two meanings:
*A characteristics of a product or service that bears in its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs and
*A product or service free or deficiencies

Quality management systems are elaborate management systems that can be used by any organization to develop and achieve its quality objectives. Quality management systems are like air conditioning systems – they need to be redesigned. All the components need to fit together the inputs and outputs need to be connected, sensors need to feed information to processes which cause changes in performance and all parts need to work together to achieve a common purpose.

Quality management systems include quality planning and improvement activities, in addition to quality control and assurance activities.

These systems are intended to provide a company with the capability to meet all quality requirements.

Three types of quality are critical to the production of products and services:
*Quality of design or redesign
*Quality of conformance
*Quality of performance
Quality Management System

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