Sunday, March 5, 2017

Writing a food recipe

Product development is essential for food companies to remain viable, but the process food development is costly and failure rates high. The development process encompasses several stages. For the laboratory worker, one of the tasks is making up a new product is that of formulation.

A recipe usually includes a list of ingredients and a method. In industry, a recipe may be called a formulation. A recipe should be clear and easy to follow, so that people can make the food product without needing extra help.

A good recipe lists the ingredients and amounts required the utensil needed and gives an idea of the time required for the key steps.

The essentials of recipe studies are that ingredients are identified as factors and are combined at various levels to produce a set prototype.

In large scale food manufacture, recipes must provide precise information so that the product can be made time and time again. Guidelines on writing recipe
*Give the recipe a title
*State how many people the recipe will serve
*List the ingredients in order of use
* Give the exact weight or size and a description of the ingredient – for example, 50 grams caster sugar
*Give the oven temperature and cooking time
*Prepare the ingredients in order
*Explain any difficult food terms (such as sauté or simmer) clearly

The recipe must take into account the constraints surrounding the product wherein it can be granted with a number of characteristics that it will keep during its life cycle.
Writing a food recipe
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