Saturday, June 3, 2017

What is meant by coconut cream?

Coconut cream is essentially a thick paste-like version of coconut milk, it is the first press of coconut and water. Similar as with cow’s milk, the coconut milk is left standing for a while with the cream separating on the top of the milk.

The amount of water added to the grated coconut determines whether to get cream or milk. It is usually to add very little water for the first squeeze to get what is called first milk or coconut cream.

The second thinner yield when more water has been added is called the second milk or just coconut milk.
Coconut milk usually contains about 17 percent fat, while coconut cream contains about 21 to 24 percent fat.

Commercial coconut creams are usually sold in cans, and the main ingredient in these products is almost always water. The dietary fiber of the coconut has usually been stripped out of these commercially available products as well.

Coconut cream concentrate is very different from coconut cream, and it is sometimes referred to as coconut butter. It consists entirely of dried coconut meat that has been ground very finely.
What is meant by coconut cream?

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