Friday, July 5, 2019

What are the roles of flavor in food?

Flavor is the main determinant or driver of consumer acceptance of a food product and also repeat purchase intent for a food product. Flavors are volatile organic chemicals. Most have simple, well-characterized structures with a single functional group (i.e., a chemically reactive subunit) and a low molecular weight.

 Impart target flavor attributes (aromatics) to formulated products that lack flavor

 Both natural and artificial flavors play an important role in making food and beverages taste good.

 Compensate for flavor deficits or defects e.g. frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ)

 Mask off-flavors e.g. functional foods

 Flavor is the most important quality of foods and beverages for determining consumer acceptability

 Compensate for flavor losses caused processing or storage e.g. thermal degradation, flavor fade due to flavor interactions

 Contributes and enhances flavor in carbonated, beverages, fruit drinks and dessert.
What are the roles of flavor in food?


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