Sunday, November 25, 2018

Function of steam in making baked products

Steam can be defined as: “Water vapor at the boiling point temperature for a given corresponding pressure.”

For steam to make mixture rose, two conditions are needed:
*A high proportion of liquid in the mixture
*A high boiling temperature

Steam promotes crust development and desirable characteristics
*Hearty/Crispy top crust
*Strength and pliability
*Avoid crust cracking during “oven spring” of the bake

Moisture content of bread baked in steam oven increased by increasing temperature at constant baking time and this was due to the degree of starch gelatinization and early formations of bread crust that causing more prevention of moisture evaporation of bread during baking.

When the liquid content reaches boiling point steam is given off. This force its way ups though the mixture to stretch and raise it. The mixture cooks and sets in the risen shape, with large pockets of air left after the steam has escaped.

Food products which are raised mainly by steam have a very open and often uneven texture. Steam also can be combined with:
*Air and carbon dioxide in cakes and bread
*Air in shortcrust and flaky pastry
Function of steam in making baked products


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